Who Am I?

My name is Chris. I have been collecting comics since 1983, and reading them since at last 1977. I have been trained as an actor, a radio producer, a graphic designer, a web designer, and, most recently, a librarian. I have been doing graphic design and layout for various comic book related publications for TwoMorrows Publishing since 2001 and am currently the designer for Roy Thomas' Alter Ego. In my main occupation I serve as Digital Resources Librarian at the Flaxman Library at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. You can contact me at chris@chrisdaydesign.com

Long Time Gone: Some Quick Links

I look at my books as being sculptures of books. They’re regular books, too, but they’re also sculptures.

Douglas Coupland

It has been a busy five months, and I hope to post a real post in the near future with things I’ve learned, steps I’ve taken, and other important things. But in the meantime, here are a few important links I’ve discovered over the months, mostly through Twitter.

The Book Suitcase

First a few “books” and “book collection” related links:

  • Here is an article with photos of the manga collections of various manga journalists. [via Deb Aoki]
  • Here are some photos of singer Amanda Palmer‘s vinyl collection.
  • While we are sneaking into rock star’s homes, here is a short video of Glenn Danzig’s book collection. [via  Chuck BB]
  • Would you like to organize your collection old style-ee? Then here is an onlin Card Catalog Generator. [via Kelly Sue DeConnick]

And a few cool comic book related links:

Looking forward to writing more in the near future, including my “recovering alcoholic” visit to WizardWorld Chicago back in late July, my continued attempts at getting rid of books and comics, and how clean living leads to happiness, or some such.

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